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[Favorites : Eagles, Clapton, Doobie Brothers, Steely Dan, CSN and a couple more.]

I built a Music Studio a while ago. I love the way sounds move around and the way they blend together. The phantom tones within enharmonics take the waves that are heard, the first reflection, and play them against the next set of waves that are released. They become something that was never intended and form something that could never reverberate on its own.

Back then I would think about what I would like to do if I were ever to retire some day. But as I worked, I built, and played, and worked, and built, and played. Now, although I have spent more time working than playing, I know what these instruments can do because of how I have optimized their sends to return their sound back through a dedicated pipeline.

While building this studio, I’ve read more books, magazines, articles and notes about sound, natural and synthesized, than I can remember. And now, the mechanics are second nature and the only retooling is of myself. I’ve heard it said that, “I need to be deprogrammed to be reprogrammed”. Maybe I shouldn’t have taken them so seriously nor literally, but then again, that is my “way”.

So this is what I will be doing with my music studio, reprogramming it for gamification. I will be putting my studio to task for background, mood and theme music while figuring out just what it takes to make everything from ambient environmental sounds to footsteps, clanks, booms, crunches and murmurs. Building snippets of sound bite effects on one end of the spectrum or playing melodic mood drawn sage ballads on the other, this studio is another haunt of mine to appease the ghosts of my past. With that, I set the stage for my games audio as I usher in another set of artistry created from my past skills to become future assets.

My endgame, for this part of the journey, is to grow an asset library of assorted sounds and use my skills as an Audio Engineer to try my hand at another aspect of Indie Game Creation.

Just as a Headnote: There is no such thing as retirement, if you're lucky, because ...

Ham-fisted numbskullery is the mother of invention, but “Luck is the Residue of Design.”

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