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[What it means to Me.]

“FarNiché is the focus of a journey. It comes from what I’ve learned and becomes what I have not yet seen, but only perceived. Its essence escapes capture in part as its persistence remains obvious in everything along the way.” – MyI 2011©

I am building this website to collect the many aspects and venues of gaming and gamification, which I have found to be interesting, insightful and intriguing. My most helpful thought along this journey has been where I feel, "The more I think I know, the more I find I need to know". That small, but consistent reckoning isn't to say something new can not be learned, but it reminds me that it will always take more time and effort to accomplish. Things that are not known need to be found, they need to be researched, studied and practiced before they are understood, before they can be made sense of, before they can be implemented and put to good use. And usually, more than likely, that end will issue in another slow and laboral process of preparing for what is needed to begin again and continue on through my journey. For me, to be able to move through every journey, endure and survive, to continue onward and then, in finally finding an end to each journey, I only come to realize once again that it has become yet another recursive step to seize an opportunity for the next beginning ...

That sums up what my site, this website, is built around, "How do I get from here to there." And once there, why does it always become here, over and over, time and time again. It has been a long road in the making, playing many games, seeing what I liked, what made sense, what was fun, what was worth remembering to finally conclude with, "Now that I am comfortable with what I have found here, how will I find, my me there, made to what is as familiar as, my me here."

I read code, I cut code, I build code. I have taken that code and have learned to build games, video games with that code. That code is a language. With that language, here, for me, it has become a way of expression. For the sake of fun, to create an enjoyable environment, to spend time involved with, entwined and immersed in the creation of something fun is what I have left myself open to do. This journey is how I have learned to let that language speak back to me.

But to keep things simple, which makes games fun, I have learned to consolidate complexity. Code, logic, music and mathmatics all need to be summed up as small discernible segments. So, when I started off on this journey, having few tools and even less knowledge of how to get these games on to completion, I reinvented the wheel, out of necessity, from those many segments, numerous times. I continued to give much thought as to how I could get these games completed, through manipulation of those segments, with the tools I had available, my simple tools, my tools at hand. Now I have, not only my old hand tools, Notepad and MS Paint, but many other power tools that make the task of game creation simplified, bite sized, easier to coalesce and integrate between all those segments.

Finally, looking way back, the scheme of working singularly during that point in time, worked well enough, because building for the internet wasn’t even an idea that had crossed my mind while computing in the age from before 28.8k Modems. Back then, for me, everything was built in seclusion, as a trade secret, with a single game, on a single computer, for a single player. Not all that long ago, the closest thing to getting any idea of what someone else’s views on gaming or game creation were, would be from a book, a static entity locked in time. But now, the internet has been opened up to nearly everyone everywhere, all, with varying angles and sorted spins, having differing points of view, where they continuously change in a continuous exchange of what is thought, through opinions, on or of what everyone thinks about, believes in and ascribes to for nearly everything, clearly beyond games, in voluminous amounts.

So this site will retain my collection of what I have found to be important, enjoyable, helpful and fun, because here ...

It's All About the Game.

I am the Indie Game Creator of FarNiché. This is me, my site, My Interface, MyI.