: 2014 the year of the XBOX REVIVAL :

What to do? [0]

00). Disclaimer:
XBox 360 runtime platform instances will be posted on YouTube but will be recorded while being run from a PC. Having the speed of the game remaining consistant between the two platforms, Windows PC and Xbox, is this years optimization goal.

01). Information:
The list of twelve games given below are inspirations because of One Game A Month, a video game building challenge. So far, my platform has consisted of web games using HTML5 to access the "canvas" object from my website and Processing.js, an MIT code translation script, to facilitate program construction. These games are built for fun and deviated exploration, something likened to a self-driven actuator to conceive, construct and complete a multitude of conceptually different crossword puzzles, that come in the shape and form of video games, as such, to take my mind off of the Xbox game building I so enjoy.

02). Platform Update:
Inevitably, it has become known to me, because of my own doing, that I will be working with Unity and its accompanying web player for game creation as contributions to One Game A Month. It is not to my dismay but more to my chagrin that this should come to be. Processing and Processing.js have served me well during this previous year but it is time, for the most part, to move on. For this year, it was my hope to pour concerted attentions into all of the varied aspects of Indie Xbox Game Development, but as it has turned out, I have foiled my best intentions once again. Bully for me!

[1] The January Game OGAM 2014 Bone Hunter. [A]

[2] The February Game OGAM 2014 Fast Flight. [B]

[3] The March Game OGAM 2014 Neonlithic. [C]

[4] The April Game OGAM 2014 Water Pod. [D]

[5] The May Game OGAM 2014 Air-Wray Glider. [E]

[6] The June Game OGAM 2014 The Island of Doctor Merlot. [E]

[7] The July Game OGAM 2014 FLAG-EL-LUM ! [E]