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[Probably just before me, and somewhere in the ... ]

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Anybody starts in somewhere, this is what I was walking into.


A tour of the land and the life that leads onward as the journey continues.

The only reason I can believe I am destined to follow suit is that I now own the coffee maker in the bottom left corner of this picture. The water is put in the bottom carafe and the coffee in the top bowl, above its filter. The carafe has an air tight seal between it and the bowl on top. Heat the coffee maker until the expansion pressure pushes the water up the tube connected to the bowl and which reaches down to the bottom of the carafe. This first part is complete when bubbles of air come to the top of the now coffee slurry in the top bowl. Grab it by the handle and remove it from the heat of the stove. As it cools the vacuum draws the liquid back down into the carafe, filtering out the grounds. Remove the bowl on top, serve coffee.

Stepping into this picture is as easy as holding out a cup for fresh coffee from this really old coffee maker. It’s an outdoor coffee pot, something that is needed and appreciated while seeing the land and when living in the environment.