: 2013 the year of the game :

There are still a few days to go before the official opening of the One Game A Month challenge. The only conclusion is that preparation for what is to come has now become a very subjective issue. The choice of artifice preemptively deployed at this stage can induce repercussions well into the upcoming year. What would Sherman and Mr. Peabody do?

"Sherman, set the WABAC machine to ..." [1]

Let's play a game and find out.


My endgame is to complete twelve games in one year and then, as a side quest, through progressive exertion, build up my stamina and grow in resilience of both mind and body. I think that through Game1(January) I should start out with stretching and walking. As for Game2(February) add yoga?

FarNiche_0003_OGAM "I'm in". [3]
My "I'm in for the duration" acceptance speech for OGAM, where both the aggie and myself have accepted gamification.

The first of the year is here, the "Quest" has begun. The best modulus of morale is to lift the spirit, seeking guidance from those who scry the past while entering the future. And so I set the WABAC machine and step through the Portcullis [4] . . . and find myself standing before the castle and the French Taunter [5].

Well that didn't work too well, and so, "Let the games begin!"

Thought about getting involved with Welcome to Wikivoyage, sometime, oh-yeah.

Prima Osmosis. [6]

    Seeing it has come to light that my coding constructs have recently precipitated 
    the ideal of 'tricks of the trade', i.e. coding mechanics, therein becoming something 
    akin to that of the secret in bringing a wall into level with only a nail bar and a roughing 
    hammer, or why a sledge hammer is called a 'persuader', along with the inherent nature 
    of the platform I am building in and for, Win-PC & XBox 360 (Ms-PL), I have found that:

    01).    My code posts to CodePlex, and or GitHub will resolve into that of an as 
            requested correspondence status.

    02).    My Research will be split into internal and external divisions.

            02a).   external - web portals to relevant general solution pointers
                            within a given train of thought.
            02b).   internal - help files geared towards specific demo presentations which
                            exemplify cross application asset transfer processes, utilization of
                            flowcharting for code node pathways and their accompanying pseudo-code
                            logic, Game Design Documentation, etc. . . . to anon.

    03).  My blog will continue in its "whimsical brainstorming", with, "Wow, is this cool - but how 
          does this work, and what does this from over there get me back from that to over here . . ."

    04).  My games will migrate to more closely conform to the start-play-exit style of game play, 
          per alignment with One Game A Month.

    05).  My game exposition links to OGAM will be consisting of a single link for both the, 
          Win-PC creation & XBox 360 release, build versions to the following:

            05 A).  a FarNiche page dedicated to that months offering, 
                    which further consists of . . .

                05 A-1).  a week by week, "this happened during" and "what consisted of this build 
                          process", synopsis.
                05 A-2).  a link to the YouTube Fraps vlog of the game in action.
                05 A-3).  a best guess genre classification.
                05 A-4).  a general overview about the game.
                05 A-5).  four small screen shots showcasing events of importance during game play 
                          with a short caption for each.
                05 A-6).  a dedication to the education catalog 'parts' used to construct the game,
                          and also to the asset fabrication applications.

    06).  My stamina/resilience routine query/searches for that month.

    07).  Disclaimer: Seeing that I cannot Fraps from the XBox 360 and I cannot underclock my PC
          to that matching the XBox 360 clock speed, the given game videos may show a different 
          performance measure between the two runtime platform instances. 

Now, with that fun out of the way, let's stir it up and get back down to some greater fun.

[1] a YouTube search of "Sherman and Mr. Peabody".

[2] a YouTube search of "ALLEN SHERMAN".

[3] an aggie (disambiguation of) an Aggy

[4] a google search of castle gates.

[5] the Monty Python Holy Grail, "taunt unto the Quest".

[6] of either osmosis or Osmosis. "My ground rules and guide lines."