: February :

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This months optional theme is SOUND.

Week 1: ~ 2.
Short week. I'll be getting back into the swing of things like, checking out the One Game A Month site and its game entries, tweeting about and to their creators, blogging on WordPress, more reading of technical tomes, tidying up last months . . .

Week 2: ~ 7.
Figuring out what Processing is actually capable of by building a big Harry. Downloaded Processing.js because the "applet" update/frame-rate among other issues has prompted Processing to hand-off webbish dealings to Processing.js. Processing is very fast with its client side API, and the sound is great. More reading about Processing 2.0b7, Processing.js 1.4.1, Notepad++ v6.3, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and some other tidbits.

Week 3: ~ 7.
I attended a live GoToMeeting webinar from GitHub as a One Game A Month organization participant, see blog: [page 0027]. Continuing to build in Processing, after a lot of slam wham bam boom I have found how to enable what I have built into my website using Processing.js, CSS, HTML, and some JavaScript, as my games newly found interface. So now, my OGAM game builds can be played without going to XBLIG, which is naturally always my first choice. But, any further requirement of downloading another odd and/or assorted overlay is no longer prerequisite for my game exposition, wherein utilization of such will no longer be of issue.

Week 4: ~ 7.
Finally figured out how to use an anchor in conjunction with a hash tag to go to a specific name position in my web pages. Dealt with some mouse pointer cross-browser canvas issues. "Streamonsters" is off to #screenshotsaturday #1GAM as my February game.

Week 5: ~ 5.
I have a splash screen for this game and am currently writing up the backstory. It's nearing completion.

This Months Quested Game.

The life of a Red Blood Cell as it makes its way around the body has little choice in the paths that it follows.

Streamonsters 1:47 AM 2/23/2013.
[Processing & Processing.js]
Streamonsters 2:03 AM 2/26/2013.
[Processing & Processing.js]
Screen Shot Place Holder
Streamonsters Splash Screen 3:23 AM 2/27/2013.
[Processing & Processing.js]
Screen Shot Place Holder
Streamonsters Instruction Manual 3:24 AM 2/27/2013.
[Processing & Processing.js]
Screen Shot Place Holder

Stamina & Resilience

[This months elective side quests.]