: March :

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This months optional theme is ROGUE.

Week 1: ~ 2.
Put together a blog about games I’ve played from OGAM and sent Tweets or comments to their creators.

Week 2: ~ 7.
Dug out of the snow, got together with some friends to game it up. Made a video as this months game submission. It’s about a variation of ping-pong. Another game I dug out of the archives is about bowling that my friends and I came up with camping. I put those two together in a video, then recalled the rules and got those written down to comprise this months offering. Also made a silly skit vlog because while looking around for everything, I ran across some old maps I made while playing games on the Apple and Nintendo a long time ago, and thought them to be noteworthy. It became my ramp-it-up to the Seven Day RogueLike challenge, 168 hours to build a game. Made a thank you email/blog post to the creators of One Game A Month, pretty cool. End of the week and I’m getting this site up to date for this month and the #7DRL challenge that will last all of next week.

Week 3: ~ 7.

I'm In. Play the game "Dragons Hoard", beginning on this second full week in March. This game, which is under construction for the week of 03/09 - 03/16, is given "as is". See: the link below This Months Quested Game to view as much of this game that is currently built. Also sent a #ScreenShotSaturday of my WereBear Shapeshifter picture. Logged On and Registered my 7DRL game on the 7DRL Challenge games, [1] 7DRL​.org RogueLike Blog, [2] 7DRL Challenge 2013. [3]

Week 4: ~ 7.
That was a thick week of coding and game building. It is Finished. Entered Dragons Hoard as my fourth game with OGAM. Now to tidy up the site, link the links, play a little Dungeons & Dragons Online and start getting ready for Easter.

Week 5: ~ 7.
A week full of vacationing family and friends, not much programming, just some time for laxation. Eased into Dungeons & Dragons Online. Great graphics and system mechanics. It plays well and the MMORPG aspect is a real gas. Played some group campaigns. The online solo and group game play is crisp, convoluted and at times hilarious, "I'm dead, again.", whaa waa, lol.

Week 6: ~ 1.
My character, Eandor Aufoolm – A Full Plate Armor wearing Dwarven Wizard, soon to be multiclassed, Wizard/Cleric. “ Nothing like a little healin’ with the hurtin’! ”

This Months Quested Game.

The March Game OGAM 2013. [A]

Game is Finished #7DRL. [B]

[A] A YouTube video entry of two games that are variations of Ping-Pong and Bowling.

[B] A Seven Day RogueLike challenge game, to be completed by March 16, 2013. The complete Updated Daily News, blow-by-blow, for this can be found at [page 0035] ~ RogueLike Challenge:. [4] And on the 7DRL blog site OGAM 7DRL I’m In. [5]

Dragons Hoard Splash Screen.
[ZBrush & Photoshop.]
Screen Shot PlaceHolder
Start Game and Enter Gameplay Screen.
[ZBrush PaintStop.]
Screen Shot PlaceHolder
Testing the Playing Field Quadrant Grid.
[Processing & Processing.js and good old fashioned logic.]
Screen Shot PlaceHolder
What & When.
[Built with.]
Screen Shot PlaceHolder

[1] The 2013 7DRL Challenge RogueTemple game line up.

[2] 7DRLC 2013—Useful Links.

[3] 7DRL Challenge 2013 Wiki.

[4] My FarNiche Blog post for this game challenge.

[5] My 7DRL Blog post as FarNiche for this game challenge.

Stamina & Resilience

[This months elective side quests.]