: January :

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Week 1: ~ 5.
Signed-up/Logged-in and connected to my assorted resource sites and read a bunch of TOU's, (Terms of Use), and associated documentation in concern to these many sites. Made my "I'm In" and "Out Takes" videos.

Week 2: ~ 7.
Thought about how I would like to approach this whole game evolution endeavor. Chose a direction and decided HUD-On was the best lead-in game for January. Did more reading about my GitHub and CodePlex options.

Week 3: ~ 7.
Set up some ground rules and guide lines to lead me through this gamification expedition, followed by further formatting of these Month by Month website pages using Prima Osmosis as its basis.

Week 4: ~ 7.
Fretted about my OGAM progression. Became and entrant in the Global Game Jam 2013.

Week 5: ~ 5.
Excellent time at GGJ13. Recombobulated the studio. Continued research in "Processing".

This Months Main Quest.



HexGrid 1.
[written in (for)]
Blank HexGrid 1
HexGrid 2.
[written in (for)]
Blank HexGrid 2
HexGrid 3.
[written in (for)]
Blank HexGrid 3
HexGrid 4.
[written in (for)]
Blank HexGrid 4

Stamina & Resilience

[This months elective side quests.]